The Menopause Lounge

For women in the workplace transitioning through menopause. Talking all things menopause in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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Supporting the women in your Organisation  


Virtual webinar or face to face – you decide. 

Give your employees the opportunity to chat openly about their concerns whilst at the same time gaining valuable information and tips to improve self-care and well-being.

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Best information

Awareness is just the start of the journey. Book a date and we’ll talk about everything from hot flushes and sleepless nights through to problems with memory and concentration.

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Quality advice

 Sharing experiences and advice from  top menopause professionals and experts. Covering the daily challenges at home and in the work place. Enabling women to make better choices.  

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Great Support

Just knowing you’re not the only one can make such a difference. In an informal yet carefully structured format your employees can feel supported, learn and laugh at the same time.

We get the conversation started

The Menopause Lounge is available as a stand alone service or as part of a wider programme.

Confidentiality for individuals is at the heart of everything we do. However, events can be extremely useful for gaining insight into what change is required within your organisation.

Ideally we would visit your premises and conduct the sessions in familiar surroundings. However, if this is not possible we can also arrange webinars.

If you truly value your employee’s well-being and want to support them to be the best version of themselves, consider this option today.




Our Gallery

Images that represent The Menopause Lounge and Menopause 360. What we do, and what we care about. 

The Menopause Lounge Story

The concept of The Menopause Lounge, was born from three of June’s passions – education, baking and chatting about  menopause, especially menopause in the workplace.  With this in mind, The Menopause Lounge was an obvious extension to the services provided by Menopause 360. 

Education: June’s MBA dissertation topic ‘Menopause in the Workplace: flushing out the taboo’ focused on menopause from a cultural perspective, addressing barriers for change within organisations, which can often leave women feeling unsupported, isolated and unable to fully function.  Research results obtained using qualitative and quantitative methods underpin Menopause 360 services.  It was June’s personal experience of transitioning through the menopause at work that prompted this research. Not enough is done to raise awareness of the underlying issues that are symptomatic of the menopause. As a large proportion of our life is spent at work, it’s important that menopause is talked about openly, acknowledged and supported to create an inclusive workplace. 

Baking: It’s no secret, everyone loves cakes, right?  June knows a fair bit about baking. In fact, in 2019, she participated in a technical challenge, the prize was a place on The Great British Bake Off. Not quite making it through to live TV, June reach the final twenty contestants, from thousands of hopefuls. There’s nothing quite like a cuppa and a slice of cake, June gets the menopause conversation started creating an informal atmosphere where women feel comfortable to talk and share. 

Chatting: Defined as talking to others in an informal and friendly way, this is what The Menopause Lounge is all about. Creating a safe space for women to open up and share what can be emotional experiences, whilst receiving acknowledgement, support and education that can make a positive difference to their well-being.


Our Team

Our team may be small but we sure can multi- task.  Joking apart, we also call upon a number of associates who specialise in particular areas. Photographs are on the way.   

June Potts

June Potts

Founder and Director

June brings many years of senior level management experience. An accomplished presenter, a skilled communicator and an expert in Customer Care. June is passionate about all things menopause and is focused on raising awareness and sharing her knowledge and experience with organisations and women transitioning through menopause. 

Ian Potts

Ian Potts


Ian’s background is management in sales and digital marketing. Taking a break from the corporate world to support Menopause 360 he adds his favourite area of expertise – Customer Experience. Key skills in Customer Experience include seeing things from the perspective of others and encouraging change. This ability is particularly relevant to Menopause 360 where the goal is to bring about change for the benefit of organisations and individuals. 

Laura Teare-Jones

Laura Teare-Jones


Laura is an advocate for women’s health and well-being. Creator of the ‘My Hormones, My Health’ podcast – awareness for menstrual well-being, mental health and taboo subjects such as periods and menopause. Laura says “I’m aiming to empower women to speak about these subjects and spread a message of hope, that a life with hormone or health issues, can be compatible with a life of joy.” 

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