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All of the Menopause 360 services are based around our five pillars, Culture, Strategy, Education, Awareness and Support.  We help organisations to become  better informed and support management with the  implementation of menopause awareness and change programmes.

What We Do Best

Our services are tailored to suit your organisation. Here we show you what we do, the benefits,  some of the methods we use and what’s included in each package. All created to deliver you a great service.   

Line Manager Training

Educating your line managers to recognise, understand and support employees transitioning through the menopause will provide women with more confidence to discuss their situation and ask for help.

A Knowledgeable Team

Research suggests many women choose not to divulge their menopause status to their line manager. Line managers don’t need to be experts in women’s health, they just need to learn how to be supportive and most importantly, listen. 

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Choose from webinars, or virtual/face to face interactive sessions. You can depend on us to deliver training that will engage, inspire and prompt your line managers to take the right action to help and support menopausal women through minor adjustments, to be the best version of themselves. 

Awareness Programmes

If we understand we are more likely to act differently to a situation, showing support and empathy.  Knowledge and awareness are the foundations on which to build any menopause initiative.

Better Understanding

Getting everyone joining in the menopause conversation is important because menopause doesn’t just affect women, men need to be aware too, so they can react in a supportive way.

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One of the many tools we use to elevate your menopause awareness campaign are ‘lunch and learn’ awareness sessions.  Delivered by webinar they cover a number of topics and are designed to educate your workforce. Topics include perimenopause and the menopause, the symptoms, menopause well-being, which includes lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, HRT and holistic ways of managing menopause symptoms and preparing for a GP appointment.

The Menopause Lounge

Sessions support women by providing a safe environment to talk about the challenges of menopause and provide vital information to enable them to make better more informed  choices.

Employee Support

Menopause symptoms can have a devastating affect on a woman’s work life, social life and relationships. With the right support, women can feel at ease. 

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Often a really powerful session, using storytelling, emotional engagement and sharing enables women to realise they are not alone.  Sharing experiences with each other along with accessing advice from  top menopause professionals and experts. Covering the daily challenges at home and in the work place. Enabling women to make better choices.  Sessions have limited numbers to ensure everyone gets the most from the experience. Ideally they would be in person however we also have online interactive options available. Topics for discussion are chosen in advance by attendees and would be likely to include things such as HRT, nutrition, exercise and symptom coping strategies. 


We work with you at your pace to ensure your menopause initiative sticks. Providing the know-how and expertise required to manage your menopause programme from beginning to end.

Reach Your Goals

Ongoing employee feedback enables you to track your ROI – strengthening the business case for an inclusive workplace, where your employees will feel supported and valued.

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Through the power of pulse surveys, we work to give you an understanding of menopause from your employees perspective . This is just one of several ways to get your employees thinking about menopause. We work with your HR/D&I/OH teams to decide on the how where and when. We provide guidance, policy and best practice, helping you to create a bespoke menopause strategy that sticks.

Culture Change

Millions of women in the UK say their work-life is affected by female health-related issues, from menstruation to menopause, so what can businesses do to support them?

An Inclusive Place To Work

An inclusive and diverse culture is  synonymous with greater profit. Encouraging women to stay and thrive in the workplace  makes sense financially.

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Today’s younger workforce aspire to work for organisations which demonstrate corporate values aligned with their values.  Supporting women’s well-being in your workplace will provide a competitive advantage, attract and retain talent and make your organisation a truly great place to work. We can help you achieve this by creating and assisting you with the implementation of a defined strategy to not only bring about change but to also embed an inclusive culture within your organisation.   

Research & Surveys

Maintaining or even improving staff morale has never been more important as the present, especially as many menopausal women will now be working at home and may feel isolated.

Valuable Insight

Data gathered via employee surveys will identify issues and opportunities. Reduce staff turnover, identify easy  adjustments to the  workplace environment and much more.

More Details

Employee insight surveys, focus group discussions and pulse tests can reveal pinch points within your organisation. Measuring if the point of view of your employees is aligned with that of the organisation, is powerful, as it provides a starting point from which to progress forward to ensure your menopause programme is fit for purpose and most important – has it worked!

The Full Menopause 360 Programme

We get the conversation started. A totally bespoke programme including full consultation, strategic guidance for your awareness campaign, line manager training, employee support sessions, internal surveys with recommendations for change, policy and legal risk advice and follow up support on an ongoing basis. 

The full 360 Programme

Don’t know where to start – then leave it to us!  The full Menopause 360 programme ensures your employees are educated, engaged and feel empowered to make change happen.

Embrace The Change

Having a menopause strategy provides  employers with a competitive advantage and makes a difference to the work experience of employees.  We leave no stone unturned.

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Programme Content:

Culture  – creating a menopause friendly workplace is easier, and more fun, than you may think. Embedding policy and taking positive actions to change attitudes and behaviour is where the real change happens.  Let us show you how to engage and involve your workforce in a company-wide menopause programme that gets your employees talking about the menopause from day one.

Strategy – understand menopause from your employees perspective through the power of pulse surveys. This is just one of several ways to get your employees thinking about menopause. We work with your HR/D&I/OH teams to provide guidance, policy and best practice, helping you to create a menopause strategy that sticks.

Educate – leaders and managers to understand the legalities of why menopause is applicable in the workplace, using case studies to raise awareness of menopause discrimination covered by the Equality Act, 2010. Through interactive webinars and active learning workshops, managers will learn about the menopause, how to recognise symptoms, how to have difficult conversations, provide support and signpost colleagues to available resources.

Awareness – raising awareness about the menopause through training is the best way to eradicate stigma, change attitudes and make sure staff are supported and are not afraid to seek help. Our menopause awareness programmes, get everyone thinking about the menopause. Seminars can be delivered as lunch and learn sessions, or interactive workshops. 

Support – The Menopause Lounge supports women by providing a safe environment to talk about the challenges of menopause.  A powerful session, using storytelling, emotional engagement and sharing to enable women to realise they are not alone. Sessions have limited numbers to ensure everyone gets the most from the experience. Ideally they would be in person however we also have online interactive options available. Topics for discussion are chosen in advance by attendees and would be likely to include things such as HRT, nutrition, exercise, symptom coping strategies etc. 

360° Services 

We know that every organisation is different. Using our expertise and experience, we can help you create a great  menopause awareness campaign, educate your team and equip them with the knowledge they need to be more inclusive and effective. 

We offer a variety of services that will move your organisation forward. They can be used individually or together as part of an overall programme. 

How do I know if Menopause 360 is right for my organisation?

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Do you tailor your services to fit my organisation?

Yes we do. We know that every organisation is different and will have individual requirements. Menopause 360 has a vast amount of knowledge, expertise and experience which can be packaged and delivered to suit your needs.

How do I know what services will deliver the best result?

We listen – we assess each organisation and its requirements and carefully match those requirements to our portfolio of services. 

What is the cost?

It’s impossible to talk about cost until we fully understand what is required. Solutions can often be just a few simple or minor changes, so a small investment could potentially achieve swift and significant returns. Let’s talk and once we know what you need, we can provide a quote.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

There are a number of benefits both in terms of employee health and well-being and financial implications to the organisation – we can explain more when we talk. There is also the satisfaction in knowing you are doing the right thing for your employees. 

Why should I choose Menopause 360?
Trust is an important part in any relationship whether that be business or personal. We guarantee to deliver our services in line with agreed requirements.

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You may already know your organisation’s requirements – if so, we’ll be happy to deliver! Unsure? We’d welcome the opportunity to talk you through our services and help you to choose the best  solution for your organisation.


Reach Your Goals

Higher employee retention,  increased productivity,  lower absenteeism, reduced legal risk, improved employee engagement, a more inclusive culture… Whatever your goals, we’re  here to support you all the way. 

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