June Potts

Business Consultant & Menopause Specialist

Helping  organisations to better understand

menopause in the workplace.

Hi, I’m June!  Thank you for visiting my website. Here I tell you a little bit about me, my story and my Menopause 360° approach. I hope we meet soon. 

My Menopause Story

Age 47, I found myself smack bang in the ‘sandwich generation’, juggling the challenges of an elderly parent with dementia, a husband diagnosed with cancer and a daughter studying for exams.  Life was stressful.  Mood swings, forgetfulness, fatigue, and paranoia were symptomatic of what I thought was a lack of sleep, worry and anxiety.  Looking back, I was experiencing perimenopause – who knew? 

The tipping point came at age 49 when I eventually consulted my GP. I was referred to a consultant, who due to a long term history of endometriosis and PMS, bordering on PMDD, I was provided with the option of a hysterectomy. Equipped with the knowledge a total hysterectomy would catapult me into menopause; I grasped the opportunity. The reason being I had suffered a hormonal imbalance since puberty and I just wanted to feel normal. This was my opportunity to be the person I might have been. 

Nothing prepared me for the menopause.  Within four weeks, I experienced the top five menopause symptoms. My life was in disarray. I couldn’t function. I suffered hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability and brain fog. Regardless, I soldiered on.  Having had a poor experience with HRT in the initial stages, I discounted this, choosing to manage my menopause holistically, by making lifestyle changes. I also utilised a device called a LadyCare, which helped with hot flushes and bloating – it was my lifeline. I would often go into meltdown if I misplaced it, due to the debilitating effects of brain fog. Still, I prided myself on attending work every day. I coped, or so I thought.

Despite, working in a male-dominated workplace I eventually found the courage to approach my employer. Sadly, they were ill-equipped to support me.  A change in management structure and a new, less informed manager resulted in my being sidelined from a senior manager position, without discussion. Having become upset on a couple of occasions and described as moody, I was provided with six sessions with a counsellor and a new, less significant role. l felt humiliated, isolated and excluded, resulting in a loss of confidence and self-respect. Having undergone a hysterectomy, sadly, nobody took the time to talk to me or understand how my menopause symptoms were affecting my work and personal life. Consequently, my experience of working through the menopause was damaging, difficult and unnecessary.   

The reality of the situation forced change. I applied for flexible working and started a part-time MBA course in an attempt to rebuild my career and confidence.  Now, I’ve graduated with distinction and an award-winning dissertation. My research covered the organisational barriers for change leading to menopause remaining the last workplace taboo. Although slowly changing there is still much to do. Raising menopause awareness and supporting menopause workplace initiatives is now what I do, my passion and my future. As I’ve lived and experienced it, who better to trust to support your organisation to embed change and ‘embrace the change’.  So, let’s get the menopause conversation started and let’s work together to support the women in your organisation.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe the little things matter

For example, a smile costs nothing and is often reciprocated.  Similarly, a knowing nod or a listening ear can make all the difference to someone’s day. Next time you’re out and about test my theory. Smile at people and see what happens.  

I believe you’re never too old to learn

In the words of George Eliot “It’s never too late to be who you might have been”.  With education comes understanding. Sharing knowledge, signposting and supporting others to be the best version of themselves is my passion and goal.

I believe adversity can be overcome

It’s crucial to surround yourself with positive people but also people who are accepting of your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections. Live for today and don’t dwell in the past, Believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel even if sometimes it seems a long way off. 

I value trust

Trust cements relationships by allowing people to live and work together, feel safe and belong to a group. Without trust we have no appetite for engagement and this often leads to conflict. 

I value authenticity

Showing vulnerability and self-awareness, being present, listening to the needs of others and genuinely understanding and respecting core values, leads to more meaningful and open relationships.

I value credibility

With credibility comes respect. Only by earning trust and demonstrating credibility can you develop strong connections based on mutual respect.             

My 360° Thinking

Every woman will at some point go through the menopause and it will be a different experience for each individual. With an ever ageing workforce and an increasing proportion of women making up that workforce there is an opportunity for organisations to recognise and reap the benefits of being menopause savvy. 

The company name Menopause 360 Ltd wasn’t created because I thought it was clever or cool. I just wanted a name that represented what we do – as per the marketing slogan  ‘It does what it says on the tin.’

I take an all round  360° view of menopause awareness, looking from the angle of both the organisation and their employees. It’s said that if you are writing a book you should write about what you know. That’s why my MBA dissertation is entitled ‘Menopause in the workplace, flushing out the taboo.’

I have over 20 years experience in senior management, researched and tried many  ways to cope with menopause symptoms and personally been at the rough end of the stick in an organisation that was not menopause savvy. I believe this makes me well placed to provide  guidance and support, strategy formation, culture and direction to any organisation looking to embrace change.

What Can I do For You Today?