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We Help You Find Success Through Awareness and Education

“Awareness is a key ingredient in success. If you have it, teach it, if you lack it, seek it.”

Michael B. Kitson  

By talking about menopause openly, raising awareness, training and putting the right support in place, perhaps we could get to a point where menopause is no longer a taboo subject in the workplace. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that today it’s hidden with potentially significant consequences for both employees and employers.

We want everyone to understand what menopause is and be able to talk about it openly without embarrassment. This isn’t just an issue for women, men need to be aware too, so they can support colleagues, friends and family.

We want those suffering with menopause symptoms to feel confident discussing it with their line managers and colleagues, and to feel comfortable and confident about asking for help if they need it.

“There’s a lot of stuff that women need to talk about, so some of these cultural norms change, like, how you dress….the temperature in the room…we’ve got to be aware that this is happening…the whole system of the workplace, doesn’t work for us in the right way.” 

Michelle Obama

Podcast: What your mother never told you. (August 2020)

The Five Pillars of Menopause 360



We believe the culture within an organisation sets expectations for how people behave, interact with each other and work together. 

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It also impacts on how well they function as a team and the well-being of individuals. Sometimes only small changes are needed. We can help you identify what is required to become a more inclusive, supportive and caring organisation for those individuals transitioning through menopause. 


Working closely with organisations, we help to introduce the right solution that suit them. We work with you to create a vision…

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…and give direction to your menopause awareness campaign and help you to define the what, where, how and when. Often a small investment and minor changes can achieve a swift and significant return. Making menopause an inclusive subject that no one is afraid or embarrassed to talk about makes an organisation a great place to work and gives employees the confidence to ask for support or help if they need it. 


Educating and informing leaders and managers to understand what menopause is, how it can effect an employee… 

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…and how your organisation can help means they can have great conversations and provide the right support. It’s the right thing to do, and if that’s not enough it helps your organisations performance and financial bottom line too. 


We offer a full range of professional services to help you develop the right menopause training and education for your…

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… organisation. This can be achieved utilising one-off events such as training workshops and employee engagement sessions. Or, we can create a a full, bespoke awareness campaign which could include full implementation, regular updates on progress and ongoing support.


We  take a 360° view on support, providing guidance for both the individual and the organisation. The Menopause Lounge sessions… 

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…are educational and engaging. In a less formal  environment we help employees to understand what menopause is, how to recognise the symptoms and how they may be affected by it, the options available to manage their symptoms and long-term health, and where help is available.

 Our  Mission

Menopause 360 is on a mission to get the workplace talking about menopause. We provide tangible benefits for our clients and their employees by delivering bespoke menopause solutions, to create an inclusive workplace where menopause is recognised and supported.

 Our  Vision 

Menopause 360 is recognised internationally as an industry leader in the education of menopause related subjects. Helping organisations to create a menopause friendly workplace which transforms a positive and inclusive work experience into business success.

The 360° Approach

Our approach is holistic, authentic, coordinated, cross-functional and multi-level. Using active learning and critical thinking we help to make your organisation a great place to work by getting to the core of what really matters. 

We work closely with you to identify and implement the right solution. We support the creation of a menopause friendly environment where your employees will feel valued, supported and able to contribute effectively.

We embrace  diversity and promote inclusivity across genders, ages, and cultures. With an attitude of only the best will do,  we provide specialist advice and support through our own team and a network of carefully selected associates.

We are professional without taking ourselves too seriously, and believe that as long as humour is sensitive and light-hearted it can be a brilliant tool for communication and embedding change.  

Testimonials & Comments

“Thank you so much, I now feel far better prepared and more able to support my team.” 

Dave Halliday

“Loved the open and honest discussion, learnt loads, can’t wait for our next session” 

Sarah Kent

“The only negative thing I can say is this is long overdue. I’m not usually one to  speak up in large groups but today I felt really comfortable – great presentation.” 

Joan Harris

“Menopause is a taboo subject! Not anymore, at least not in our department. Everyone is still talking about it.” 

Brian Hope

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We also offer our services to other health and wellbeing educators like Health@Work whose services include: health and safety assessments, policy reviews and training, wellbeing audits, mental health awareness training health checks, as well as first aid and defibrillator training.

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