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June Potts

Menopause awareness in the workplace is important. We help organisations understand why. 

With an ever ageing workforce and an increasing proportion of women making up that workforce, there is an opportunity for organisations to embrace menopause awareness and to recognise and reap the benefits of being menopause savvy.

  • Are women going through menopause supported by your organisation?
  • Are your managers trained to manage difficult situations involving menopause? 
  • Do you have a current menopause awareness campaign?
  • Do you have a specific menopause policy or guidance document?

Culture & Strategy

Bringing menopause awareness and meaningful conversation into the open to create an inclusive and menopause friendly workplace.

Education & Awareness

Educate leaders and managers to be aware and understand what they can do to support  employees at work affected by the symptoms of menopause. 

Line Manager Training

Menopause awareness, education and support. We provide the tools to embed positive change and to do what is right.  Multi-channel, collaborative and interactive programmes.

The Menopause Lounge

Flushing out the menopause taboo in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Employees can share their stories, discuss their concerns and get tips to improve mental health and well-being.  


Employee engagement, empowerment and empathy can make an organisation stand out above the rest.  Access the resources and support you need to bring about and embed positive change. 

Policy & Guidance

Providing a clear overview of employment law and best practice. Bespoke guidance  reference documents to keep menopause awareness high on the agenda. 

What We Do

Simply put, we take the taboo out of menopause and help organisations to create a better and more inclusive place to work.  

We offer knowledge, guidance and support using a multi-level approach to what can be a difficult area of conversation. 

We provide a unique range of services covering a broad spectrum of menopause related subjects. Programmes  are customised to align with your needs and to deliver business benefit. 

Business Benefit

 Multiple benefits and the right thing to do.

Higher employee retention,  increased productivity,  lower absenteeism, reduced legal risk, better employee engagement, a more inclusive culture, improved gender equality etc… 

A combination of these benefits plus a competitive advantage when on-boarding ensures increased profitability and helps make your organisation a better place to work. 

Need More Information? 

We appreciate that when choosing a service provider there are lots of things to consider such as:
Can we trust them to deliver exactly what we want?
Will they provide a professional and reliable service?
Would they add value to our organisation?

The answer, to all of these and more, is ‘Yes’. If you’re still unsure whether the services and approach of Menopause 360 are right for your organisation, have a look through our website and if it doesn’t answer all your questions please feel free to get in touch.

1. Why is menopause awareness important?

According to government-led research, the UK has an ageing workforce, therefore more women will work through their menopause than ever before. Raising awareness through education to normalise what is a taboo subject, is crucial to creating an inclusive workplace. Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life. Most women reach menopause between the average ages of 45 and 55.  However, 1 in 20 women may go through early menopause resulting from certain medical conditions.  Many women are unaware, and so unprepared for menopause and may experience debilitating symptoms. For an employer to have awareness and understanding of the potential effects menopause symptoms can have will go a long way towards supporting  of their employees.

2. Who needs to know about menopause?

Simply put, everyone needs to be aware of menopause. Many women will work through their menopause. Being able to recognise the symptoms is crucial. Previously a taboo subject menopause is now part of the school curriculum and taught in parallel with reproduction, to raise awareness from an early age.  Menopause awareness is gaining traction, especially in the workplace.

3. What is the Menopause 360 approach?

Menopause can be a difficult conversation to start. Here at Menopause 360, we have the expertise to support you through your journey.  We educate you to take action and embed cultural change within your organisation, by doing what’s right for your employees. At Menopause 360 we not only cover the basics but through bespoke solutions we can work with you, at all levels of your organisation, to create an inclusive workplace.

4. When is a good time to begin a programme?

ASAP – Inclusion in the workplace is crucial. Not only does it help the financial bottom line but produces happier, positively engaged employees.  When your employees feel a sense of belonging it drives increased positive performance.  The key to inclusion is understanding who your employees are and the challenges they may face. Achievable by giving menopause a voice and more importantly, a listening ear. With this in mind, there’s no time like the present, to get the menopause conversation started in your organisation.  Choose from a basic programme through to a full 360° solution package. We are keen to understand your unique requirements, so please get in touch today.

5. How do I get in touch?

Go to the contact us section, leave a message and your contact details – we’ll get back in touch to arrange a convenient telephone or video call.

About June

Founder & Director of Menopause 360 Consultancy 

June works with organisations to support and embed menopause awareness. She is passionate about finding solutions and inspiring decision-makers to take action for the benefit of their organisation and employees.

A successful senior leader for over 20 years, with extensive experience across multiple sectors, June uses humour, compassion, understanding and engagement to break down barriers and build effective relationships.  She has a talent for getting to the heart of the matter through active listening, critical thinking and taking a people-first approach.  

June is a member of the British Menopause Society, an NLP practitioner, has an MBA with distinction, a 1st class BA (Hons) in Home Economics and Consumer Studies and holds qualifications in coaching and training.   

Experienced in customer insight and emotional intelligence, June has completed research initiatives in Europe and the USA.  Her MBA research focused on menopause in the workplace with an emphasis on organisational culture and barriers for change. The motivation for this study came from June’s work-related challenges while transitioning through menopause and her desire to help others by raising awareness and education. 

As well as delivering Menopause 360 services, June is available to talk about and share menopause in the workplace research at corporate events and conferences worldwide.

Testimonials and Comments

“A friendly and open atmosphere, making it easy to raise awkward questions.” 

Sarah Croft

“Very informative and a great insight into the symptoms and  effects of menopause.”   

Paula Shaw

“It’s great to know you’re not on your own and there are things that can be done to make it easier.” 

Kayla Malik

“I need to be able to support my team and now I feel more able to do so.”  

John Sanderson

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